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    Grand Haven, Michigan was founded almost one hundred and twenty years ago. It’s always been a small town, despite the amount of people that come and go. Children play in the street, neighbors are best friends, and with the addition of Dryden Hills University, the college founded some fifty years ago, more people have joined the population of Grand Haven. Its a warm and happy place where everyone is content. Sort of like Mayberry on that old Andy Griffith show.

    But with each element of happiness brings a storm around the corner. That storm is getting ready to break. Teachers and students claim to be happy and successful, each putting a mask on to keep hiding the same thing they’ve done all years. They think they’ve been able to protect it perfectly as the years go by, but they’re still cautious. Because each person has a secret. One that has been kept hidden for some time, and one that the owner wishes to be kept hidden.

    The citizens of the town are no exception. Each person, whether it is a citizen of Grand Haven or one of Dryden Hills, has done something, perhaps it’s as small as lying to their mother all of their life or something as chilling as pushing their ex into the lake and letting them drown. These mistakes lurk under the surface, waiting to pop up and burst that bubble of happiness that the town so desperately tries to keep alive. It won’t take long before everyone is found out, so what will happen to the town then?

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